Cattle Shed Building Kit

Sometimes known as cowsheds or simply just barns, Buildings-UK has the ideal cattle sheds for your farm. The large structures for animals are ideal for housing your livestock; whether your business is cows, sheep, goats, or horses, the cattle sheds will meet your needs. 

Quick to build and uniquely designed, other plus points of Buildings-UK’s cattle sheds are that you will enjoy top-quality service from start to finish. No matter whether you’re looking to expand your farm or agricultural ventures, replace older farm buildings, or just starting out with your farming venture, the high-quality buildings will be a great addition to your business.

About Cattle Shed Building Kits


Perfect for saving time and effort, a cattle shed building kit can be installed in around two months. Before construction begins, clients can request modifications to the design to better suit their requirements. As standard, the cattle sheds come with a large front rolling door and a smaller access door for full ease of access. The team will help you plan all aspects of your cattle shed installation. Expertly designed to maximize potential, the sturdy steel-framed buildings will be erected by trained members of staff—simply decide where you want it to go on your land.

Planning Needed for Cattle Sheds


As well as formal planning permission there are a number of things to consider before building begins on your new cattle shed. Ask yourself why your farm needs a new building for livestock. Think about whether a cattle shed will take care of your needs and requirements to meet your ultimate business goals. How will you use the building both in the present and in the future, and how long do you expect the cattle shed to last for? Think carefully about where you want the cattle shed to be sited on your land.

Top-Quality Cattle Sheds


The cattle sheds from Buildings-UK come with a five-year warranty for your full peace of mind. The buildings are made from high-quality steel, which has ben shot blasted, primed, and painted to withstand the elements and to prevent corrosion. If you want to protect your building even more from possible severe weather conditions and climate, you can opt for galvanisation too. A major benefit of steel-framed buildings is that they require less ongoing maintenance and are easy to look after.

Cattle sheds are built on suitable foundations that meet all requirements for agricultural buildings. Furthermore, all buildings codes are strictly adhered to, for total ongoing safety and security.

Why Choose Buildings-UK


An expert in making and installing buildings, Buildings-UK has experience of erecting more than 560 structures for numerous satisfied clients. And, that number keeps on climbing. To give you an idea of how much work that is, the company have used more than 130 miles of steel. You only need to read some of the positive comments and reviews from previous customers to see that the company knows what it’s doing and will get the job done with minimal fuss and to a high standard. A farm building kit provides an affordable and sustainable option for your business. From finalizing your kit, you can expect your new building to be fully built and functional in around two months.

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