Steel Framed Commercial Buildings

Steel framed commercial buildings are the largest sector in the steelwork market in the UK. They represent over 60% of all activities in this industry. Steel structures are used for leisure and retail buildings, distribution warehouses, industrial warehouses, factories, and workshops.

If you are thinking of erecting a steel structure in the UK, choose steel fabrication experts like Buildings-UK. We’ll undertake your project right from the design stage to the construction stage using only premium British steel.

Buildings-UK Best Steel Fabricators in the UK

Our structural engineers design steel structures that can withstand arctic snow and seismic loads, and strong wind loads. We can build on-site or provide precast structures that can be assembled easily on site. We can design steel structures to handle overhead gantries and cranes.

We are specialists in the design, fabrication, and installation of bespoke staircases and engineered steel buildings. We design every building in compliance with the latest British standards and codes. We also adhere to the building’s statutory requirements.

Why Steel?

Structural steel is the most cost-effective and reliable material for the construction of industrial and commercial buildings. Structural steel is replacing timber because of its efficacy and efficiency in building shipyards, warehouses, and factories.

Build Faster and Easily

As the saying goes, time is money. When you’ve decided to build a warehouse or factory, you’d want it to be completed as fast as possible. The fastest way of erecting structures is to use steel.

Our experts have several years of experience designing, fabricating, and erecting steel structures. So when you hire us, we’ll rely on the designs that we already have to work on your structure. We can only carry out minor modifications for the designs to suit your unique needs.

We can engineer the steel parts at our facility, then transport them to the construction site. This saves construction time and enables us to complete even large projects ahead of time.

Steel Isn’t As Heavy As Wood

Structural steel beams are lighter and less bulky than wooden beams. This means steel structure parts take smaller spaces but serve better than wooden parts. When using steel for construction, you’ll not only cut down on material cost but also on material shipping costs.

Since steel is lighter than wood, you’ll not spend much on foundation, leading to further cost reduction and high returns. Moreover, steel is more durable than wood, so your steel structure will serve you longer than if it was built with wood.

High Versatility

Steel structures are more versatile and varied than those built using other materials. Steel structures can take any form, shape, and size because steel can be bent, twisted, and formed the way the designer wishes.

Steel allows architects and engineers to be creative in designing commercial facilities, including airplane hangars and agricultural buildings. Steel structures are safe, resilient, and sturdy.

Environmental Friendliness

Unlike wood and other construction material, steel is recyclable. This helps in preserving the environment. When sourcing for our steel, we work only with suppliers who are sensitive about a sustainable future.


Steel structures are more affordable to erect than using other materials like wood. Additionally, since they take a shorter time to erect, you’ll save on construction costs such as labour. And since steel is recyclable, you can pick up the waste and sell them to steel recycling factories.

Once erected, steel structures require little maintenance. This is because steel can withstand extreme weather conditions, including high and freezing temperatures. This means you’ll pay lower insurance premiums on steel structures.

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