Workshop Buildings

For over 10 years, we at Buildings-UK have constructed custom steel-framed workshops and storage units for industrial and commercial purposes. Picture a brand new beautiful building with everything your business needs to run its day-to-day specifications. Our designers work with you to create a practical steel structure that will last for years to come.


We know how expensive and inconvenient erosion and deterioration can be, which is why we use only the finest quality steel that will stand the test of time. The heavy-duty steel provides extra stability to your structure whether it’s for commercial or industrial purposes. Frames are also far less expensive, making our approach cost-efficient without compromising on the quality or consistency of the structure.

Our standards of care are unmatched. With each project, we work closely with clients to guarantee they are informed of and sign off the progress. Some of the steel structures we build include bolted and welded factory buildings, stores, and rooftops. The buildings generally consist of steel pillars, beams, roof trusses, plates, templates, and anchorage bolts to ensure longevity.

Steel Structures for Industrial & Commercial Purposes

Our commitment to excellence and attention to deal mean, you are receiving an asset that will add value to your business for years to come. You can be confident that you’ll have years of dependable storage or working space. Based on your industry, you might have certain specifications and dimensions in mind. Our team considers your requests and delivers the ideal building for your business needs. From warehouses, and agricultural buildings to offices, our structures can change the way you do your day-to-day business.

Why Choose Steel for Your Building?

When you are searching for a strong construction material that will not let you down, no product sticks out like steel. Not only is it eco-friendly, but steel also has a range of other advantages.

  • Steel structures will supply you with high-quality buildings.
  • Repairs are easier to maintain on a steel frame
  • It’s easier to renovate or expand steel buildings
  • They are far more durable
  • The construction time is shorter
  • Steel is resistant to erosion, fire, and certain pests
  • Our designs are strong and resilient
  • Steel can be reused and repurposed

A variety of options

We construct a wide range of options from light steel framed to full heavy industrial frames

Light steel frame buildings have been around for over 50 years. Buildings-UK is confident that this way is the best path forward when it comes to constructing new structures for newer businesses on a tight budget. Light Steel structures ensure that you are provided with the best quality materials, cost-effectiveness, and construction that requires the least amount of time wasted on waiting.

Full steel frames on the other hand are better for large scale businesses that are looking to have a larger building for heavy industrial work or large scale commercial work. The design is a little more complicated than light steel structures but the functionality of the building pays off greatly in the long run. Contact us today for a quote.

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