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Our Steel Framed Building Range

When it comes to steel-framed buildings, Buildings UK Ltd offers a comprehensive approach with an emphasis on industry-leading customer service.

Whether our client just requires a frame only or frame and cladding “kit” building, a supply and fully installed building, or a turn-key package that includes all the groundwork/civil engineering. We at Building UK Ltd can provide a professional service to carry out all of these options. We have a flexible approach and are happy to supply whatever our customers require.

Another unique aspect of our business is that we don’t employ sub-contractors. All our workforce are fully employed by Buildings UK Ltd. Whether that be the steel fabricators based in our workshop, the steel erectors/cladders based out on site, the transport/wagon drivers or the groundworkers, they are all employed directly by the company.

This is to ensure that our high standards and work ethics are consistently maintained and implemented across all disciplines. It also helps us to maintain a competitive edge over our competitors as we don’t have any “middlemen”. It also gives the client a “one-stop shop” so that they are only dealing with one point of contact, and not several different layers of management from several different contractors/suppliers.

This all ensures that detailed lines of communication are maintained which ultimately results in our projects being delivered on time and budget.


Steel Building 45' x 25' x 15'

Frame Roof and Gutters or complete kit building to include sides & Doors.

Steel Building 60' x 30' x 12'

Frame Roof and Gutters or complete kit building to include sides & Doors.

Steel Building 80' x 40' x 12'

Frame Roof and Gutters or complete kit building to include sides & Doors.

Steel Building 100' x 50' x 16'

Frame Roof & Gutters & Cladding to 3 sides.

Steel Building 130' x 65' x 15'

Frame Roof and Gutters or complete kit building to include sides & Doors.

Farm Building 80' x 40' x 12'

Frame, Roof , Gutters, Cladding to all sides to include concrete panels to all sides excluding doorways, 1 x Roller shutter door & 1 x Personnel Door.

Steel Frame Building Kits for Solid and Versatile Structures

Steel frame building kits are the epitome of strength and reliability. Whether you’re planning to construct steel buildings, timber-framed buildings, or agricultural structures, these kits provide the ideal solution.

Steel frame buildings offer exceptional durability, making them a popular choice for a variety of applications. From warehouses and workshops to commercial complexes and residential homes, our steel frame building kits can be tailored to suit your specific needs. The steel framed buildings offer outstanding load-bearing capacity, allowing for versatile roof types, wall claddings, and internal layouts.

When it comes to agricultural buildings, our steel frame building kits are a top choice. Designed to withstand the demands of the agricultural environment, these structures provide a secure and functional space for your livestock, equipment, or storage needs. The steel frames ensure longevity, while the modular design allows for customisation of agricultural buildings based on your specific agricultural requirements.

With precision-engineered steel frames, our building kits offer efficient assembly processes. The lightweight nature of steel framed buildings makes construction faster and more straightforward, saving you time and labor costs. Additionally, steel is resistant to fire, pests, and rot, providing low-maintenance and long-lasting structures.

In summary, our steel frame building kits are the perfect solution for constructing garden buildings, complying with building regulations, and creating solid and versatile structures. With their durable steel frames, these kits provide a reliable foundation for a wide range of applications, including steel buildings, timber-framed buildings, and agricultural structures. Explore our selection of steel frame building kits today and embark on your construction project with confidence.

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