Steel Building Refurbishment


Buildings UK now offers a comprehensive refurbishment service for steel-framed commercial buildings.

This service provides a cost-effective way for building owners to upgrade their tired, damaged, outdated or badly performing buildings.

With energy efficiency now being such an important aspect of a building’s status, and with tenants, leaseholders and owners demanding higher levels of performance as a major cost-saving consideration, a refurbished building is a cost-effective way to transform the look and performance of a building. By utilising the existing structure, eliminating the need for costly groundworks and services/utility alterations. There is also no need to engage in expensive and long-drawn-out planning applications.

Transform Tired Buildings

A single-skin, uninsulated, leaky, insecure or draughty building can be transformed into a highly insulated, energy-efficient, secure, modern-looking building that is fit for purpose and will continue to perform for decades to come.

A professionally refurbished building will increase the asset value, command higher yields, reduce maintenance costs and greatly enhance the look of the building and will therefore be more desirable to potential occupants.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy solutions can also be incorporated within the refurbishment plans. This could help reduce the overall energy consumption of the building, provide power for EV’s, or generate a financial return on the investment through buyback tarriffs. It can also enhance the green credentials of the building occupier, which may be essential if working in an industry where environmental issues are important to their customers/shareholders.

Local Government grants and incentives can also be available to carry out this work. We would therefore advise that if you are interested in our refurbishment service, it may be worthwhile checking the internet for grants and tax incentives that are available in your area, and establish if your project would qualify.