Storage Unit Building Kits from Buildings-UK

Buildings UK is a company that provides steel built storage unit buildings of quite a large selection of sizes and applications. While they make components off-site in a factory, all the design and some of the fabrication can all be done on site. In addition, it is highly customizable and personalized to your exact specifications. Since many components are pre-fabricated, the building can be built much quicker than buildings using other construction methods. Take a look at the huge gallery of beautiful, high quality buildings built so far. Any reason you can think of for what you may need, the experts at Buildings UK have you covered and can make your dreams a reality.

Steel framed buildings are the perfect choice for many uses. Just look at what purposes steel storage buildings can be used for:

  • horse stable, cattle shed, poultry barn, dog park, farm equipment storage, grain or crop storage, road salt storage, mulch storage, dirt storage, road building material storage, sand storage, decorative stone storage, small warehouse facility, shipping hub, automobile garage, mechanic’s garage, vehicle storage, small manufacturing space, training site for multiple purposes, basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, pickleball court, athletic uses of many varieties, acrobatics, yoga, hybrid greenhouse, private or public storage facilities.

Almost anything at all Buildings-UK can partner with you at your perfect location. Almost endless customizable dimensions can be made.

About Buildings UK


We are a specialist company dedicated in the design, onsite, offsite fabrication & installation of highly engineered steelwork buildings & bespoke staircases.

Every building is individually designed to the very latest structural requirements and codes of practice. All statutory requirements will be adhered to and you will be provided with your own design supplied by our consultant structural engineers.

Is corrosion a consideration?

  • All of our Steelwork is shot blasted, primed and painted, Steel framework can be galvanised upon request.

What is the lead time?

  • Leadtime for buildings is 4-6 weeks from acceptance of Drawings.

Do buildings come with a warranty?

  • Yes all of our buildings come with a 5 year warranty.

Is steel environmentally friendly?

  • Yes Steel is environmentally friendly we work along suppliers that use methods towards a more sustainable future.

What foundations are required?

  • Agricultural specification we recommend 1m2 per Stanchion, for Industrial use these are increased up to and above 2m.
Specialist Transport Service

Buildings UK Specialise in Abnormal Loads and plant movement therefore with our International operator’s license, we can transport your consignment in the UK and Europe. Our qualified staff can assist you with all of your transport needs.

Our fleet of low-loaders mean we can transport containers, cabins, excavators, boats and any other abnormal loads.

Buildings UK Ltd are a dedicated family firm who have worked incredibly hard over the last 10 years to build and maintain our reputable business name within the industry in supplying British made CE marked hot rolled steel framed buildings & structural steelwork to the Industrial, Agricultural and Equestrian Sectors. Our Buildings can either be ordered as kits or we can offer a full building service within your area as we cover the whole of the United Kingdom.

We specialise in the full design package including elevation drawings for planning purposes along with full isometric drawings, fabrication & manufacturing. This is carried out in our factory which is based in Worcestershire and we offer a vast array of different buildings types. We work very closely with our customers from start to finish with a fast turnaround & pride ourselves on offering our expertise, quality and superb customer satisfaction and after sales service. Contact us today for your quote.

Call 01299 488988 or email for more information of what we could offer you check out our WEBSITE