Top 5 Maintenance Tips For Steel Buildings

You have chosen a steel building because it is durable and withstand the elements. Plus, it requires little maintenance. That does not mean any maintenance! A little TLC does go a long way in keeping your steel buildings in tip-top condition.

1: Start As Soon As Possible To Look After Your Steel Building

This means looking after your building from the get-go by making sure your steel building is fabricated and erected by professionals, like Buildings-UK. Once your steel installation is up, do a check, look for –

  • Any tools or ladders or panels left lying around
  • Nothing is touching your building – if planting, shrubs and hedges, make sure they are at least half a foot away. Trees even further – as they grow, the roots can threaten your foundations.
  • Check that all-steel shavings have been cleaned out, and don’t forget the roof. Drill holes leave steel shavings which have a raw surface area, and if left, they can trust.
  • Check your insulation. Any damaged insulation can allow a build-up of moisture, causing rust. It will also affect your heating or cooling systems pushing up energy costs.

2: Set Up A Maintenance Schedule

The major benefit of a steel building is the low maintenance cost in terms of time, materials and labour. Therefore, establishing a bi-annual maintenance check for the beginning of your building’s use makes good business sense. Create a system for these checks and your building’s warranties and assembly info. Keep records of the dates of inspection and any repairs carried out. It may also be advantageous to have photos of any damage and repair work. Also, schedule an inspection following severe weather conditions or further construction or renovation. 

3: Clean The Building Yearly

Washing your steel building helps protect against the growth of fungus. If you see any residue, discolourations, or dirt, get cleaning. There are industrial solutions, and you can use a soft power wash – the lowest setting is best. You can make a cleaning solution yourself using ammonia or a gently household cleaner in water. Do wear protective clothing and face masks when working with ammonia.

4: Check Gutters, Drains & Roofs

These are your frontline defences against water collecting and causing corrosion. This should be a regularly scheduled check, not just part of the bi-annual maintenance. Following severe weather, it is essential to ensure the gutters and drains are free of dirt and do their job correctly. Snow especially can be a problem for your building – clear away as soon as weather permits.

5: Do Minor Repairs Straight Away

Problems do not just go away on their own. You have to spot them and deal with them. Scratches and minor abrasions need touching-up. The metal substrate mustn’t be allowed to breathe. Moisture leads to rust and mould. It’s good to keep a reserve of required primer and paint. Preventative maintenance of your building helps keep costs low. 

Buildings-UK’s steel framework is shot-blasted, primed and painted. It can also be galvanised if required. Buildings-UK prides itself on its quality service and top-class after service. If you have any queries or concerns, talk to one of the company’s experts before, during and after your building’s construction.

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