Benefits of Agricultural Steel Framed Buildings

For the past few years, steel frame building has significantly increased its market share, especially in the agricultural sector. Steel frame structures require less maintenance, and they’re durable compared to traditional construction materials.

Whether it’s for farm storage needs, facilities for equestrians, or barns, all-steel construction offers ranchers, developers, and farmers with durable buildings. These structures are suitable for a myriad of projects for many reasons, including;

  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Sustainability and
  • Affordability

Besides this, steel frame buildings offer several distinct advantages such as;

1. Durability and Strength

There is currently immense growth of professionals in the building and construction industry who have embraced the durability and strength of steel. The shift began back in 1993 when builders were searching for a long-lasting, high-quality alternative to wood building materials.

As evidenced by many steel buildings, including malls, skyscrapers, and car parks, it’s evidence that these structures can last up to 50 years. Steel is more resistant to water than wood, meaning it will not warp or rot. This also means moisture will not seep internally onto drywalls to destroy it.

More so, the steel’s construction components are screwed together, creating a secure and durable joining system, stronger than using nails.

2. Fire and Natural Elements Resistant

Steel is a popular framing material for agricultural buildings in the UK. Its excellent performance has been proved through major chains of full-scale fire tests. Steel material has an impressive capability to withstand heat longer than traditional construction materials. it will still retain its structural strength and shape.

More so, it’s not flammable, essentially not able to feed any fire that might occur in a house or barn in your farm, making it a safe material to use on your farm.

Among the critical things that farmers and developers will consider during construction is the structure’s ability to withstand natural forces.

A metal house is usually designed to withstand winds up to 120MPH. These buildings can also endure seismic zone 4 level, as well as excessive snow loads.

3. Maintenance

Steel frame building has some integral properties that make it last for long compared to wood construction. Steel is resistant to pests and terminates, significantly enhancing its lifespan. There is also an absence of mildew, splitting, warping, and cracking. It means there is a reduced cost and need for maintenance.

However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your steel building. To ensure your steel structure lasts for long, ensure the foundation is sturdy. A robust footing enables any building to stand the test of time. A stable steel-framed building should be formulated to the tiniest detail, joining weight of the steel and other components. These elements ensure the structure has optimal stability and durability.

4. Budget-Friendly

Building barns and farm stores might take a toll on you, especially if you’re using wood for construction. However, steel is an excellent alternative. It’s durable with little to no maintenance. As mentioned early, steel agricultural buildings can withstand fire, winds, heavy snow, and seismic activities.

Additionally, steel means faster construction yet robust construction, ultimately lowering the operation cost.

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