How Are Steel Buildings Beneficial For Farms

Farm Buildings

Are you looking to construct new buildings on your farm for livestock, storage, equestrian usage, or explore your farm’s potential, holding exhibitions or training areas? Maybe it is time to think about one of our steel framed buildings? At Buildings-UK, we offer bespoke designs alongside several steel building design kits

Our farm structure kits are designed for rapid construction – how does a completion date of two months sound to you? It’s possible with our kits, even with minor modifications.

Why Use Steel For Your Farm Structures?

Strength & Flexibility

Steel has shown it can stand the test of time, the elements and helps in the environment. When compared to wood, steel has a higher strength to weight ratio, being almost 50% stronger than a similar wood structure, making steel buildings not only stronger but more durable than wood, brick or concrete. The flexibility of steel means they can withstand extreme weather. 

Steel reassuringly does not suddenly crack and break. Steel agricultural buildings from Buildings-UK have all been shot-blasted, primed and painted to facilitate prolonging their durability. We can also galvanise the steel for further protection.

Steel Is Safer For The Environment

With over 80-million tons reused in a year, steel is one of the most recycled metals. 

This ability to be recycled time and time again—without loss of quality—is what makes steel sustainable and eco-friendly. 

In addition, there is less waste with steel as you can weld the smaller pieces or offcuts together, which makes adding additions, like new bays or widening the span to existing steel buildings, easy to do. 

Steel Is Fire & Lightning Resistant

Fire of any kind is a devastating experience, and that is always an area of concern for farming and agricultural spaces, be they hay barns, grain stores or livestock buildings. 

Fire safety is paramount. Steel is a non-combustible, durable, fire-resistant material. At Buildings-UK, we operate to industry standards and codes of practice.

As a result, our professionally designed and constructed steel farm buildings can, in the event of a fire or exposure to long periods of high temps, hold their structural integrity – providing ample time to save the structure’s contents!

Steel Is An Economical Investment

As subsidies decrease and costs continue to rise, farms and many businesses need to become more efficient.

Changing a farm’s infrastructure with modern purpose-designed farm buildings is an investment in that farm’s future. Unfortunately, many farm buildings are ill-suited to modern farming.

If yours belongs in this category, then it’s time to look at our steel farm buildings and bring your buildings and farming into the 21st century.

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We construct all the Buildings-UK farm structures using high-grade CE-certified hot rolled steel frames. From start to completion, we employ trained, certified and experienced personnel to ensure your farm structures fit your requirements for now and the future. 

All our agricultural building kits are designed to be flexible in use and adaptable in structure.

Get in touch with our pleasant and helpful staff to discover how Buildings-UK can assist you in finding the right farm structures for the right price.