Grain Stores Building Kits

Also sometimes known as a granary, a good-quality grain store is essential for any farm. Effective, dry, and safe grain storage is vital for ensuring the best quality of crops, preventing damage, and reducing losses. Buildings UK provide an outstanding service in this field.

The perfect grain store protects grain from many factors, including weather and the outside temperature, pests such as birds, bugs, and rodents, infestations from mites, and harmful mould and fungi growth. Ultimately, adequate grain storage is essential to any farm to maximize profits and prevent losses, both of grain and financial.

Grain stores can be used for the safe storage of animal feed as well as crops and grain.

Whether you’re looking to add a new grain store to your agricultural land, want to replace or upgrade an existing farm building, or are just starting out in your business and looking to install all necessary buildings, Buildings-UK can assist with all your grain storage building solutions.

What to Expect from Your Grain Stores Building


The first step is to discuss your requirements for a new grain stores building with the expert and professional team at Buildings-UK. They can provide all necessary advice, guidance, and skills for the effective installation of your grain store.

Decide where you want to erect the grain stores building on your property, keeping in mind access, aesthetics, and all relevant considerations.

Talk about any changes or modifications required with the team when planning your new agricultural building.

Once all details are finalized, the trained members of staff will safely and efficiently erect your grain store building. You can expect construction to be completed in just six to eight weeks.

Service is friendly and professional and you’ll be guided and kept informed every step of the way, from the planning stages through construction to any necessary after-sale care.

The whole process is streamlined, fast, and efficient, making it almost effortless for you to bring your farm ideas to fruition and move forward with your business goals and ventures.

Design of Grain Stores Buildings


The grain stores buildings kits from Buildings-UK use top-quality steel for longevity, sturdiness, safety, and effectiveness. Plus, for added peace of mind, all of the building materials are environmentally friendly.

The steel has undergone shot blasting and has been primed and painting to prepare it to last, no matter what the weather is doing. If desired, you can also have the steel galvanized to offer even greater protection from the elements and climate.

Using steel has many positive points. Importantly for your business, maintenance is kept at a minimum.

Agricultural buildings are constructed in line with all building cods and regulations, and are placed on foundations that follow good practices for agricultural buildings.

Fully resistant to corrosion, the sturdy grain stores buildings have the added benefit of coming with a long five-year warrantee.

Work With Us


Buildings-UK has installed hundreds of large buildings, using more than 130 miles of high-quality steel, for more than 390 happy customers. And, the satisfied customer base continues to grow.

You can expect the same excellent service and top-quality buildings when you trust Buildings-UK. Kits make erecting your buildings easy, are a cost-effective solution for your farming needs, and are readily available. The process is swift and you can look forward to your new grain storage building, ready to use, in as little as two months.

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