Specialist Transport Service

Specialising in Abnormal Loads and plant movement

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With our International operator’s license , we can transport your consignment in the UK and Europe. We have qualified staff to assist you with all of your transport needs

What is an Abnormal Load?

An abnormal load is a consignment that can not be broken down into smaller parts for transport.

Anything that is more than 2.9m in width.
Anything  over 18.75m in length.

When transporting abnormal loads, it’s a legal requirement to adhere to the government rules and regulations and to work with the local authorities to plan the journey.

Abnormal loads need two full working days to notify the police and highways authority before the movement can take place.


The trailer includes twin flip toe hydraulic ramps – for ease of loading and unloading and a trailer-mounted winch – for non-mobile recovery of plant.

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