The Many Uses of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings, potentially, are the building blocks of the future. Architects love the versatility of working in steel, builders like the ease of construction, and artists like the aesthetics you can achieve with steel. While the general public like that the cost of using and maintaining steel is economical and that they have a smaller footprint than other types of building materials. A carbon footprint that steel manufacturers is working hard to reduce even further.

Your steel building is functional, practical, and durable, from a cattle shed to a towering office edifice. Plus, it does not necessarily have to look like a steel box.

Architectural Steel Buildings

Steel is increasingly used as a commodity in producing buildings, but some buildings are more than functional or durable. They are works of art, proclaiming the innate beauty of a steel building. Modern architects are experimenting with steel, exploring the aesthetic, like polishing to a high shine, bronzing to create a warmer finish, or creating an aged patina by cultivating rust. 

Steel is not just used for the structure but is the structure, like the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles designed by Frank Gehry, with its fluid and sail-like presentations. Take a look at the innovative design of these steel buildings,

  • Kauffman Centre for the Performing Arts by Moshe Safdie’s
  • Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland by Farshid Moussavi
  • Dear Jingumae Building in Tokyo by Yoshihiro Amano
  • 18.36.54 House in Connecticut by Studio Libeskind

These steel buildings and many more are not just practical, functional and durable but beautiful too. 

London’s Thames Barrier

This innovative use of steel is essential in protecting London from flooding. Out-of-the-box thinkers, engineering firm Rendel, Palmer and Tritton, have created a landmark structure from steel, where the fin-like design and reflective surfaces blend into the nature of its surroundings while remaining an essential element of a disaster management plan.

Shun Hing Square Tower, Shenzhen

This fantastic building in China, their largest all-steel building, is an incredible structure and shows how fast a building can be constructed in steel – four floors every nine days!

Steel Buildings – Practical Solutions For All

Steel structures range from a simple out-building or garage to more complex buildings to house cattle or sheep on a farm or even house tractors and grain from adverse weather. At Building UK, you can find complete kit buildings for every type of agricultural building you would ever need. You can also find equestrian steel buildings, from stables to training and show rings. 

One of the first aircraft hangars thought to have been made for aviator Louis Blériot was based on a farmer’s steel cattle pen in the 1920s. As aeroplanes have developed from those early days, so too have the hangars – even to housing spacecraft!

From fantastic office buildings to smaller industrial units, workshops and storage facilities to sports centres at Building-UK, we have a steel solution for you. From steel building kits to turnkey projects, give us a call to chat about your steel building needs. Want a specific design? Then chat to our experienced structural engineers.

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