What Makes Steel Buildings So Popular?

Steel is a trusted construction tool used the world over. Why? Steel is economical. Quick to assemble, sustainable and strong, cost-effective, and many more elements make it very attractive to the construction industry. 

Using steel in construction is not new. For example, for over a century, steel has broken ground on many famous bridges and buildings. However, while you can find steel used in countless construction projects, it is prevalent in certain industries.

Agricultural Steel Buildings 

Robust, versatile and economic are three of the characteristics that make steel stand out. But, of course, every industry faces rising costs in our current financial climate, and keeping within a budget is imperative. Constructing with steel is a very economical solution.

The strength of steel means that it can load bear far more than concrete or wood. A steel building is also resilient in the face of bad weather. If you are looking for somewhere to house your animals, vehicles, food supplies or to grow microgreens, then a steel building is the answer to your problem. Not having to use inside structural support or columns opens up the space for all kinds of uses. You might not have a Lamborghini tractor, but you do not want your farm machines and equipment exposed to the UK weather. Your combined harvester can manoeuvre in our steel building, prefabricated kits or specially designed kits.

Easy maintenance is also why many choose steel in preference to wood or concrete. Not only is it keeping your yearly costs down, but proper maintenance also extends the life of your building. Being fire resistant also gets a steel building a big tick. You can be sure anything you want to keep in there is protected. Another plus for agricultural steel buildings is that they don’t support mould. A huge benefit if it is for storage purposes! Then there is the longevity of steel. Most maintained steel buildings can last anywhere from 50 – 100+ years. 

A steel building’s long life can see it change its usage, which is easy and quick in the case of steel. Any unused steel can be recycled again and again. So anything is possible with steel, from a hay barn to a farm shop to an urban vertical farming building.

Industrial Steel Buildings

The same characteristics that attract the agricultural community also apply to industrial buildings. Functionality, practicality, and adaptability are at the forefront of the design of industrial buildings. You can use a steel building as offices, warehouses or both! Storage facilities made from steel buildings are also popular, and let’s not forget their value in buildings for manufacturing goods.

Steel’s load-bearing capabilities allow for hoists and smart storage facilities, utilising all the upward space in a steel building and floor space. Steel buildings can also be aesthetically pleasing, looking good wherever you want to place them. 

A Steel Building For Your Business

We supply multi-functional steel buildings that we can adapt to your needs. From sports centres to equestrian facilities, large working environments or smaller workshops.

 As steel manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint, steel is also a sustainable, responsible choice. Construction time is so much less than concrete or wood construction. Using our kits, it’s even quicker. In addition, we offer turnkey projects on all our steel buildings. As you can see, there are considerable advantages to using a steel building. Selecting the suitable steel building for your needs is an easy process when you talk to the experts like the family firm of Building-UK.

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