Should I Build My Farm Buildings Out Of Steel?

We all know it is an expensive outlay to buy a new farm building. One that you will be thinking long and hard about. At Building UK, we believe our steel buildings will fit your needs, not just for now but for the future. Why do we think that? Steel buildings are:


  • Quick to erect compared with a wood or concrete building

  • Economical to purchase and maintain

  • Resistant to bad weather, snow, rain, high winds

  • Resistant to seismic factors

  • Built to last, every bit of steel is recyclable, making it a highly desirable sustainable product.

  • The unique designs we supply also look good.

Potential Uses Of A Steel Buildings For Agricultural Use

Whatever your space, we will have a steel building kit that will fit. Or you can talk with our designers about a bespoke steel building that fits your ideas and space.

For example, maybe you are looking to add an extra income to your farm by having an outlet for your product or even a cafe for people to use when visiting a working farm. Or, you might be thinking of adding a petting zoo. Barns, equestrian buildings, offices, whatever farm building you envisage, our agricultural steel buildings are flexible to use and adaptable if you want to change that usage.

You may want somewhere to store your grain and feed in a building that can keep it dry and mould and pest free. Steel does not have the properties that mould requires to grow—that is, moisture and oxygen—unlike wood and concrete, where extra protection and constant vigilance are necessary. In addition, a steel building is an excellent place to house your expensive farm machinery when not in use.

From storing produce or animals to an equestrian centre, the flexibility of agricultural steel buildings is impressive. In addition, steel offers you great value for money, for a building properly maintained that will last your lifetime and longer. However, a wooden or concrete structure requires a lot more outlay in terms of maintenance and upkeep. Nevertheless, current estimates suggest a steel building will last 100 years, a great return on your investment!

Benefits of Steel Agricultural Buildings

Cost-effective and easy to insulate, it makes your energy bills less of a headache, a problem facing most UK residents, not just working farms. Part of the excellent properties of steel make it a great heat conductor, so your building will not be the stereotypical draughty, cold farm building but a much warmer one.


Steel is a green construction material in that it does not emit toxic chemicals or cause environmental damage, unlike concrete or wood. As a result, steel has a smaller footprint with lower carbon impact and less waste than wood or steel. 

Is A Steel Agricultural Building Worth The Investment?
As an investment, a steel building ticks all the boxes. It is,
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Strong and durable 
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to convert its use
  • Durable, strong and ductile
If you are interested in knowing more about steel farm structures, give our experts a call. Learn about our high-quality prefabricated kits and bespoke service to decide which of our steel structures you want.

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